An award winning show — Oh Canada Eh!

I am thrilled to be part of a dinner show that has been running for more than two decades! This week Oh Canada Eh Dinner Show appeared at the Attractions Ontario Awards Ceremony to accept its 2018 Top Performing Arts attraction. Congratulations! This recognition is a wonderful tribute to the actors and musicians who have made this show so much fun and entertaining night after night.

It was surprising to see that when the show producers were accepting the award, I was used in the show’s promotional piece.

I hope you can join this year’s cast to enjoy the show’s 25th anniversary. Come see the show through October 26th as we celebrate “All Things Canadian.” For the new 25th Anniversary production, the show features 30 minutes of new material. There are new costumes, a new set — and some new faces for a wonderful night out.

Here the link to the Oh Canada Eh website where you can order your tickets: