Checking in with a Fall Update


This fall has been very exciting and busy for me, with many changes and new musical adventures. I have been enjoying it immensely, learning and playing many new fiddle tunes and musical pieces.

The biggest change in the last few months is that I am now attending Canterbury Arts School in Ottawa. There I am learning to play classical music, as well as developing new techniques for my fiddling. I think I contribute most of my development this fall to my classes and practice time at Canterbury.

Late in September, I performed at the Ottawa Traditional Fiddling and Folk Art Society, playing a couple new, lively tunes – Wizard’s Walk and Olympic Reel – with Anthony Vial backing me up. I like to attend this fiddle meeting which is held on the last Friday of every month.

Soon after that, on September 26, I played at a Glitz Gala to raise funds for a local charity store, the Hub. I had a lot of fun, again with my friend Anthony Vial on piano. We livened up the evening!

Recently the Parliament of Canada was debating a Bill to proclaim a National Fiddle Day in May each year. I was pleased to actually be mentioned in the House of Commons by St. Catharines MP Rick Dykstra. Rick is a friend of my family and he has heard me perform many times when we lived in Niagara. Here is a link to where I was mentioned in Parliament: at the 6:10 p.m. mark of debate on Bill S-218.

The last big change is that I am switching teachers from Cindy Thompson to Denis Lanctot.  I want to thank Cindy for strengthening my repertoire with French, Irish, and Cape Breton tunes as well as working on sight reading with me.  I also know I am a better performer with the tips Cindy shared about the stage. In the weeks ahead, I am looking forward to taking lessons from Denis where I am certain to learn many new exciting things!

The Fall has really been one thing after another – and I love it.