My Fiddle Jams

Lately I have been playing at many jams and having a lot of fun learning the different types of music that they offer. I have been attending an old time fiddle jam in Barrhaven, a Celtic jam in Almonte, another Celtic jam in Manotick, and a couple of monthly meetings at the Ottawa Traditional Fiddling and Folk Art Society.

Through these jams I have met lots of people and have had many positive experiences including learning new tunes and expanding my knowledge in different areas of fiddling. Some jams are not just like your typical “get together.” For instance at the Naismith Pub every Wednesday night along with the fiddles there is a harp, a banjo, a mandolin, a piano, several boron’s, several guitars, a couple of flutes, and even an occasional singer will come in to share the fun.

At the Celtic jam in Almonte, I got to meet (and play with) the famous Denis Lanctot. That was an incredible night! I have also had fun times jamming with my friends Jim, Anthony, Cindy, Bruce, and many others.

I have really enjoyed the experiences I have had making music at these wonderful events lately.