A Spring Update

This IMG_2395upcoming spring is looking very bright in my music world. It started off great when I was accepted into the arts program at Canterbury High School in Ottawa. This is the number one arts program in Canada and I am looking forward to attending the school in September.

A few weeks ago, I had the pleasure of playing at my old fiddle club in St. Catharines! I got to play with my friends and even got to perform a couple of my new and exciting tunes! It was really great seeing everyone again. (See photo)

Recently I was asked with some of my musical peers to play Renaissance music in the Shakespeare classic, Romeo and Juliet, which will be playing at my high school (ADHS) as well as other local schools in late April and early May.

On May 10 I will be playing at the Young Awards Gala, a local award dinner celebrating the arts. There, I’m going to do a solo performance as well as playing backup in a band.

I am going to finish off the spring season by travelling down to St. Catharines once again to open for the famous Canadian champion, Patti- Lamouroux and her multi-instrumental accompanist, Jeremy Rusu.

On a personal note, I have learned 3 new and exciting tunes for my repertoire! The tunes are:

  1. Willow Springs, an amazing tune that involves shifting, double stops, and back bowing.
  2. Goldenrod, a nice jig that sounds very Celtic.
  3. Challenge Reel, a reel that suits its name! It involves lots of accidentals and in the most convenient key possible: B flat!

I am really looking forward to performing these tunes in the near future.