What’s the difference between a fiddle & a violin?


I was recently asked to be the special guest musician at the December meeting of the Youth Music Club in Almonte – something I was happy to accept. I was to talk about my instrument and about my musical experiences and to play a few tunes. Then, I was to answer the audience’s questions. And that is when I got the inevitable question: “Can you tell me what the difference is between a fiddle and a violin?”

My answer at the Youth Music Club was the response I always lead with: “It’s attitude. It’s how you play the instrument. You play the fiddle with attitude.”

In all seriousness, I recently read a great piece in Strings Magazine: “12 Questions Violinists Ask About Fiddling.” Aside from the obvious question about the instrument, this article provides great insight into the differences between fiddling and violin music.

(Photo is my performing on the stage at Almonte Old Town Hall for the Youth Music Club.)