Here, There and Everywhere 

Here is a tune originally written by Paul McCartney of the Beatles. I liked the idea of it done as a waltz, and arranged it as such. I arranged the music for all instruments and my colleagues added wonderful solos that bring this song new life.


This piece is from a creative project by Toronto artist Alexander Wesley. I particularly like the low-fidelity recording of the voice, acoustic guitar, and intro violins, juxtaposed with the high fidelity recording of the rest of the strings. I arranged the strings and co-produced this song along with Toronto producers Duncan Boudreau and Chris Mermer.

Fiddle Set

Here is a couple traditional tunes that I learned playing at kitchen parties with my family on the east coast of Canada. This set – Mason’s Apron and Trip to Windsor – is backed up by a bluegrass band I am a part of named Duke Street Turnaround.

Just the Two of Us

This is an instrumental arrangement of a timeless classic by the great Bill Withers, one of my favourite artists of the 70s. I rearranged this tune and added a key change, vamp section and opened it up for solos.

El Cumbanchero 

This is a tune originally written for Spanish trumpet, El Cumbanchero has become a bluegrass mandolin standard. Here is my arrangement of this lively piece, accompanied by Niagara multi-instrumentalist Dexter Frank.

The Calls Inside the House 

I have been a fan of Rachel Bobbit’s work for some time, and have had the pleasure of playing on several of her projects. I arranged the strings for this track, one of my personal favourites, featuring densely layered strings to create a wall-of-sound effect.

Whatever It Is

This is a cover of Zac Brown’s popular number by up-and-coming Ontario country artist Owen Riegling. I had the pleasure of playing mandolin as well as a little fiddle on this track.

It Don’t Feel Real 

Jack Gaughan is another great Toronto-based artist I have had the pleasure of working with this past year. This debut single of his features both moving string pads and fiddle- styled lead lines that help to add depth to the song’s arrangement.



Tied Up

I had the honour of co-writing and co-producing this song with Alexander Wesley and his team. The strings were recorded in many different settings and contexts, and offer a really interesting final arrangement. Toronto producer Duncan Boudreau and I co-arranged the strings throughout Alexander’s new EP that was released just this past February.

Face the Day

This original song is by Brampton singer-songwriter Leah Holtom, used to promote her soon-to-be-released debut EP. Face the Day is the first single to be released from Leah’s project, and this live-off-the-floor version gives a homespun aesthetic to an already comforting folk song. The session was held on a remote Island in Georgian Bay, where a 10 person crew transported all the necessary instruments and audio / visual equipment.

Swingin’ With The Eighties

This fiddle recording was performed at one of my Humber recitals. I wanted to pay homage to the great Graham Townsend by playing one of my favourite tunes of his. I was fortunate to be accompanied by so many talented peers I look up to and respect.

Duke Street Turnaround Promotional Clip

I perform in a Toronto-based bluegrass band called Duke Street Turnaround. We are heavily inspired by the virtuosic bluegrass players of the 1980s, including Tony Rice, Bela Fleck, and Mark O’Connor, just to name a few. We play regularly in Toronto establishments, and around Ontario. Donald Kelly’s Last Stand is an original song (below).