Celtfest weekend was lots of fun

IMG_6429  IMG_6450

This past weekend I performed at Celtfest, Almonte’s festival to celebrate Celtic heritage and tradition. I had the pleasure of having my friend Anthony Vial accompany me on piano. Together we played a 45-minute set on Celtfest’s main stage. I enjoyed playing in my hometown and had fun with a number of my favourite songs: Reel du Point au Pic, Saint Anne’s Reel (in the key of D-minor!) and Ashokan’s Farewell. I also played some Irish classics like Danny Boy and Road to Errogie.

IMG_6420Over the two day festival, I also got to busk on the main street of Almonte.  I think I must have played over 100 tunes in the hours I performed. I met some great people who stopped and listened and encouraged me.

This first weekend of the summer holidays turned out to be a very busy, but great weekend of performances and entertainment.