Performing at the OTFFAS

Here are some notes from my performance at the Ottawa Traditional Fiddling and Folk Art Society on Friday night. I was the feature performer for the club’s December meeting and I thoroughly enjoyed playing at this event in the company of so many talented musicians.

For the evening, I had put together a set of some of my favourite tunes reflecting the various styles of music that I am drawn towards. The songs also reflected the important influences I have had over the last 8 years of playing.

During the show I recognized Calvin Vollrath as one of my favourite fiddlers and the performer/composer who has the greatest impression on me. I performed three Calvin tunes: “Little John MacNeil”, “Willowspring” and “Lieutenant Governor’s Waltz” I expressed my thanks to all that the great Denis Lanctot taught me and performed my favourite Denis song, “For the Love of Tara.” I was also thankful to Cindy Thompson who taught me so much when I move to Almonte. I thanked her for helping me through learning “Carignan’s Clog.”  I ended my show with my current favourite Ottawa Valley tune, the beautiful Brian Hebert waltz “Sunset on the Ottawa”

Thank you to the OTFFAS for your support of my playing and for giving me this opportunity. And I especially thank my accompanist and friend Jim Hunter. With Jim, it is always a lot fun!

My set list for the night…

  1. Cheticamp Jig / Devil in the Dirk / Mason’s Apron / Frank’s Reel
  2. Pat’s Country
  3. La Torment / Little Burnt Potato / Goldenrod
  4. Little John MacNeil / Whitefish in the Rapids
  5. Tennessee Waltz
  6. Willow Springs
  7. For the Love of Tara
  8. Carignan’s Clog
  9. Lieutenant Governor’s Waltz
  10. El Cumbanchero
  11. Sunset on the Ottawa