Summer Update

     Fiddling this spring and summer so far has been awesome. As soon as I moved to Almonte, I got hooked up in two different fiddle jams that have improved my playing a lot. One is a slow jam in Carp and the other is a Celtic Night in Almonte.

     In May, I flew down to Nova Scotia and surprised my Great Aunt Catherine at her 90th birthday and put a show on with my fiddle.  It was great time and she had a great birthday.

     In June, I had the honour of performing with Nathan Sloniowski Aaron Rudyk, and Terry Tufts at Save Our River Benefit concert at the Old Town Hall in Almonte.  That was an incredible show!

     I also went to the Leahy Music Camp later in the month (see below).

     It has been a great summer so far and I am looking forward to performances and playing with friends in the next few weeks.