Recent Happenings

IMG_7423Over the last couple months, I have had a lot of fun with music! I have been able to do really neat things that I have never done before. As an example, on December 14, I was asked to be the guest performer at the Almonte Youth Music Club. There I talked to young musicians about playing fiddle, violin, and my experiences with music (photo on stage of the Almonte Old Town Hall). I played a fiddle piece, a classical piece, and answered general questions about the two. It went over really well and I hope I inspired some of the young(er) listeners!

Then, on December 15, I had my solo violin exam at Canterbury, the arts high school I attend. I played a classical piece of my choice in front of a couple of professional judges and they marked me based on my technique and overall performance.  I played a classical piece called Czardas which is a Hungarian folk dance with a gypsy feel. Here is a link to Vittorio Monti playing this piece: Czardas. Thankfully, I got a really great mark on it which made the many hours of practice well worthwhile.

In January I played at a jam session that featured old time fiddle tunes. At this jam, I was happy to be playing with Randy Foster, Sheryl Fitzpatrick, Keith Irvin, and many other great fiddlers. I will be joining this group again the next time they get together!

Coming up, I am going to be playing at Music Country Heart Jamboree, a fundraising event for the Ottawa Heart Institute Foundation. The event is in Carleton Place on February 1st featuring the best talent of the Ottawa Valley. I was chosen as one of the “up and coming” performers and am honoured to be part of such a huge performance for such a great cause. Tickets are $15 for a solid 6 hours of country music; it is going to be a great show! Here is a link for more information: Music Country Heart Jam.

I am really excited for the amazing performances and jams that I will be playing in the next couple of months!  Keep checking my Performances page for my up-coming event schedule as I try to keep this up to date.